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How literature review is changing my own mindset and perspective

Diving deep in to the literature of specific topics and on narrowly focused subject matter has been surprisingly pleasurable. And unexpected. The presence of the blog as an accompaniment is like a condiment for food for thought. In the month since I began to take blogging again seriously, even with the struggles to write down […]

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The Magic of Sensemaking

Really, there’s no other way to say this but Weick (Weick, 2011) here is clearly struggling to express in words his song of magic that he’s perceived in the decades spent in sensemaking and its power. After all, if indeed the Kalevala highlights the core aspect of Finnish magic from the time before writing, when […]

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Digitalization’s discontents and the meaning of life

I was musing on the concept of grand purposes last night, and how the concept of finding meaning in one’s life work tends to be correlated with world changing scale. What if it wasn’t so anymore? Sitting here isolated by externally imposed constraints restricting movement and in person meetings, I got to wondering how I […]

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Have I found my new focal length?

When I picked up the metaphorical pen again last month, here on this blog, after almost a decade of silence, I discovered in the course of my writing that I must find a way to change the focal length of my mind’s eye. As I wrote on March 20th, only my second post in the […]

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The fast moving river flowing unseen beneath still waters

I do not yet have all the words to craft an articulation of the movement I can sense occurring beneath the surface of my thinking and feeling. But happening it is, and so I play the keyboard tonight in hopes of picking up the faint sounds of the music I haven’t given up looking for […]

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Do digital lyrics convey the magic?

One of the questions being raised in social conversations – over digital means – with friends in different countries is whether the acceleration of digitalization brought about by the pandemic’s constraints might not, in fact, be influencing those of us of a certain age to think like Luddites. This sentence could probably have been framed […]

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Finding the magic of word song in the literature of change agents: Weick’s change poets

The minute I set off on a path to unknown discovery, I came across Weick’s reflections on change poetry. Given that I picked up my metaphorical pen to write again after a decade or more of constricted silence after being inspired by the magic of word song – the runot of Finland’s Kalevala. Simplistically put, […]

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The empowering nature of focused introspection

Moved to continue writing the Kalevala series*, I’m back to note that my decision taken a week ago to break up the pattern of daily morning blogging was the right one. The key here is not to fall into unthinking routines that then become discernible patterns but to keep things relatively unpredictable though not disruptive […]

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Facing the digital demons that eat your mind

After a challenging few days of contemplating the digital lint in my navel, my struggle right now is internal but not personal. My internet public persona has begun waking up after a long silence, thanks to the warming flow of words breaking the ice of silence after a particularly harsh winter. She wants to opinionate […]

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Reflections on Digitalization’s Impact on the Creative Process

My previous post seems to have triggered deeper reflections and responses than expected from a rapidly written rant on the loss of vocabulary. Are the gaps in my memory simply the signs of growing older, which indeed I must have done in the 16 years since I began this blog, or are the recent blank […]

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