You know its been too long when….

By | November 21, 2022

… you forget the password to your own blog’s back end.

I’m here to sing my song that I had been looking for since March 2021. It has taken me 18 months longer than I ever imagined, and it is the longest year and a half I have ever spent without you. Y U NO remember me, sayeth




Twitter is why I neglect my blog.


Thank you Melon Husk for destroying the reasons that kept me engaged and away from writing my own long songs with the rhythm of the keyboard.

My music in the words I hear in my head is back.

All the rest is spam.


Digitalization of the social sphere atrophied my real world skills in engaging interaction. Its like forgetting how to flirt and standing like a wallflower all night.

You are the original audience for my word song.


I began my blog officially and publically in April 2005. However, being true to mine ownself ( a la Hamlet).

I have a song to sing.

Multi-sensory (thank you Fathi @ Somenti project) Cognitive Justice is the foundation for nurturing and engaging our inner creativity. This is why I paint and draw and make memes and pithy commentary on the internet. I feed my eyes and through my optic nerves, my brain.

A rich inner life, IMHO, is worth a soul-deadening fulltime job that kills your creative spark cold and dead.

Let’s go ramble on the MCJ component of EJ (environmental justice) in another post.

This sonnet is done.

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