There are design goals for which the design process outlines itself

By | November 25, 2022

Constructive design research necessitates building a working prototype of the concept under evaluation. Without existing in the real world and interacting with the human socio-ecological system, we cannot figure out if our paper concepts will work as designed in the real world. Social design prototypes need a very high degree of enthusiastic cooperation from the “end users” of the system as part of the design generation process. This, then, is a generative design research tool, a la probes and what not as mapped by Sanders (2004;2006; 2008) shown below.

Scandinavian design tradition provides the starting core values and guiding principles. It raises the curious question whether it would work better in Finland than it did in Kenya due to Finland’s cultural tradition being closer to the Scandinavian ones of its western neighbours?

Anyway, as Blomberg & Karasti (2012) suggest, I will begin with design ethnography to inform the project and process design. It will include participatory ethnography in the form of diary studies.

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