Time to update the 5D’s framework for inclusive business design after 12 years

By | June 10, 2021

Two things have happened since I first published The 5D’s of BoP Marketing: Touchpoints for a holistic, human-centered strategy in Core77 back in January 2009.

One, Core77 overhauled their site design and broke my article rather badly. Its layout and formatting makes it virtually incomprehensible.

On the other hand, the 5Ds framework has apparently held up robustly over the past decade. I just finished working with the Inclusive Business Network (GIZ) to review their incorporation of it in their new online course curriculum.

These two factors, taken together, make it imperative for me to work on an overhaul of the article – surely the examples are outdated by now, and probably makes sense for me now to think of preparing it for journal publication.

Western Kenya, January 2016. Photo by Niti Bhan

I’ve used it before for client company assessments for products targeting the lower income markets in East Africa and it works pretty well, if I say so myself ;p I bring up this point because it strikes me that I have empirical evidence of its viability and feasibility in the field, and only its desirability has been a pleasant surprise.

I will evaluate the parts of it that make sense on the blog. And, I’ll republish the original as well for easier readability.

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