Part 2: Result in transition

Hmm, I was overwhelmed there for a minute, for this post is about the events of that one day when the future existence of Result, as an entity, as a company, as the direct marketing arm of McCann Erickson Worldwide would still exist. For there were just six people in the office, not counting the external staff.

Manoj Sharma, luckily, was there. He was the only other AE. The others were Piush Ahluwahlia, Field Project Manager attached to my client team, and two, three. (I’ll put our photographs up later.) But I’ll just say this, for a while there, I felt like I was in the TV show Combat, and that this was my platoon and we were abandoned on the hill surrounded by the enemy, waiting.

Why? Because Manas came over to tell us that the Boss had said that McCann was going to close down their DM arm and there was no future and they’d gone away to start their own firm before they all got axed and if that we hurried we could get our jobs there with double the salary. Ain’t that grand, how they saved us?

Did not. I knew that ME had NOT said anything about whether they intended to close down Result or not, besides, I’d heard that Sorab Mistry, the CEO of ME India was in town from HQ in Bombay to meet with the GM guys. So I said, you know what, if they’d wanted us, they would have told us along with the others that they were going instead of sending you back with the news. I’m going to withhold judgement on what ME is going to do, in fact, I’m going to march downt to McCann’s Delhi office and ask to talk to Sorab Mistry directly. He can jolly well tell me first if I have a job or not before I go wandering off chasing a rumor.

The others looked horrified, afraid that they’d lose this job opportunity too if I pissed the Boss man off by haring off to talk to Sohrab. Whooptydoo, I said, [I remember my attitude so clearly, at this ..this dastardly act seems too melodramatic..but that’s how it felt] I don’t know if I wanna follow this leader.

Nobody was pushing forward, even those who “hear hear” ed me, to offer me a ride over on their motorbikes, until Piush said, “I’ll go with you, Madam, but you do the talking”. Heh. He piped up soon enough once we were shown into Sohrab’s presence in a conference room. Sohrab had rushed out of the GM meeting to see us when he heard that we were outside asking to see him. You rock, dude. (He used to call me “professor” or “engineer” but I wasn’t Parsi :)
I will never forget that day what Sohrab Mistry said to us,

Directors of companies do not leave on 24 hours notice. he said

The tone implied it was “not done”. I agreed.

Piush said, “Ok sir, if you’re saying we’re still your employees then you tell us what we should do next.” Sohrab looked at us and said, “Go, manage, hold things together for the next couple of weeks. It’s going to take me that long to figure something out for Result and you guys.”

And so we did. It took three weeks.

To be continued.

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