Preparing the ground for the next steps

By | June 7, 2021

Artist @mavis_prplx

I’ve been working on a paper, as I’m sure any regular readers still left after all my literature reviews, would have noted. And the meat of it is written out, it will just require more writing and rewriting to get it into shape. For the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve found myself slipping back to the daily habits from last year – more twitter, less blogging, and when I do write, its only work related. Far too many silent interludes, and not enough poetry. A red flag.

Mind you, I’ve begun a parallel journal where I use pencil or pen on paper but its not quite the same thing as the music of the keyboard is missing in that space. After all the efforts invested in this personal journey since March, I’d hate to let the threads slip out of my hands simply because I’d allowed myself to mindlessly fall back into old habits and the daily patterns of the past. Neither do I want to craft a piece of formal writing such as a literature review simply to keep the blog flowing.

This morning I feel as though I’m on a threshold but not quite a liminal space.

If I don’t make the efforts now to recognize and pause and reorient and then move forward with purpose, I fear that I’ll wake up at the end of the year and find myself back in the soundless silence of old. After the momentum of change in March when I picked up the blog again, and the pace set in exploring thinking and writing in April, these past few days of increasing silence are concerning.

It is not enough to simply seek the rhythm and the music of the words anymore, as those pieces of writing now feel like embroidered borders tacked on to renew an aging silk sari. Let me put my mind to this and see what I can do.

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