Keep looking for the rhythm of the magic, don’t let it go

By | May 4, 2021

When I forget why I’m here and what I’m looking for, I forget to keep looking for it.

I was drawn back to the keyboard to write this post today, after giving up for the umpteenth time to craft a coherent blogpost in the analytical style. I’ve got at least 4 different drafts saved with anywhere from 700 to a thousand words in each, plus references. None of them felt right. I couldn’t bring myself to publish any of them. Yet I could see why I had to write them out, and so, I did.

After I walked away from my efforts, I began worrying that maybe I was slipping back into the old habits of silence and not blogging at all. That brought me running back here. Even if I wrote nothing but this brief reminder to keep looking for the rhythm of the music of the word song, and not let it go.

I’ve come far too far in this journey since I began in the middle of March to forget to remember the magic of Kalevala.

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