Resurrecting the Perspective blog

By | July 3, 2019

A long time ago, sometime in the first couple of months of 2005, I was on the phone with Stu Constantine, the founder of Core77, wondering out loud about future prospects as I contemplated resigning from my position as Director, Graduate Admissions at the Institute of Design, IIT, Chicago. He advised me to start a blog, so as to build a brand for myself, if I was going to venture out alone as an independent professional.

By the end of April 2005, I had gone public with my first blog, Perspective. Over the next couple of years, I was to write extensively on business and design – from my first column in BusinessWeek in December 2005, to my first article in print for New Design magazine in 2006 which was commissioned for a fee.

Yet, I did not consider myself a professional writer, nor a journalist or even, author, although going by my prolific output, I could have claimed any of these roles. Writing was my medium for sketching out early stage design concepts, as the 700+ blogposts in the first version of Perspective show. It was there, during the years 2005 to 2007, that I worked on the then newly popular concept of design thinking – working out, in writing, my thinking on business and design, plus a soupcon of strategy.

The outcome of my thought exercises, in written form, on design thinking, bore their own fruit. But that is a topic for another blogpost. For now, I’ll just say, that, as I re-orient myself towards thinking and writing and research again, for my doctoral studies, the time feels ripe to resurrect the Perspective blog.

Its always had a very personal voice, rather than the soulless professional writing I’ve been doing for the past decade or so, on one site or another, and it was willing to be wrong, to experiment with ways of seeing and thinking and doing, so much so that I have taken my entire website apart just to be able to return to a learner’s mindset again.

It circumlocuted, and it pondered out loud. Alliteratively and frequently. It was a playground for my passionate love for design and business and engineering, and perhaps, it can be so again. Given all the academic work I will have to do over the next four years, having a sandbox, to again experiment with thoughts and concepts, will be a welcome break I look forward to.

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