Biashara Economics: Nurture your Network – Lesson #2

By | April 14, 2016

Without a network, you are nothing. In biashara, the complex webs of give and take (Walther has a nice map, he was inspired by social media networks, and inspired our thinking) that are the engine and the nervous system of the organic, living platform for trade are running on trust and relationships, offering you first call on centers of demand and sources of supply.

All that the mobile phone’s advent really did in these massively interconnected human information systems network is speed up the supply chain, and unleash faster release of cash influxes into the system. It got boosted in the past 10 years, we have numerous eyewitness narratives from the Asian trading community.

Those on ambition’s ladder are nurturing their customers, and helping them grow into micro wholesalers themselves. A key biashara growth strategy is to slowly transform your primary customer base (every woman knows the secret of pareto’s law – give 80% of your attention to 20% of your clients) from primarily B2C – where revenue cap is linked to the regional socio-economic demographics; to B2B – where the sky is the limit in reach and network.

Nurturing the network is the secret to customer relationship orientation.

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