Ten years after a second chance at life – 7/7 London

When just the difference of a few minutes, or a minuscule shift in time or space, may place you literally in the path * of danger, you realise the value inherent in the every single moment you do have on this earth. We have just this one life to live. What is truly important? What do we value? Why? It’s been just a minor shift in my orientation, but an extremely profound one. ~August 2005

Looking back over the past 10 years, I’m wondering just how much of an impact the experience in London has actually had on the way I’ve lived my life since then.

I know that within 6 months of this event, I’d taken the decision to focus on meaningful work, that aligned with my values, even if that meant going without, at times, or choosing to forgo a project.

This minuscule little shift in orientation that took place a few minutes after the bus exploded, just metres away from me, is what put me on the journey I’ve been on since then. I stepped back from consumption driven strategies – did the emerging Indian rural market really need another chocolate bar? – to productive value creation efforts.

The mobile phone and its impact on my imagination spurred me on to write reams on its potential. Connectivity, communication and commerce, made possible through this powerful little device in our hands, was a driving vision for the first half of the last decade. Women in the third world could change their own lives, just the way the internet through a desktop, and then a laptop had done for me. I, too, was a third world woman. I embraced that wholeheartedly, and stood up to give voice to the voiceless.

My idealism has certainly been tempered by pragmatic reality in these past 10 years but I have no regrets. There is an inherent value in the confidence that one cannot be bought, instead, one can indeed choose when and where and how to invest one’s time and resources. And for whom.

The evolution of skills and abilities in the last 5 years has not been a straight line graph so much as a weaving drunken spiral upwards and onwards but even that is but a reflection of what being creative means.

process-explainedThis is really why I love my work so much. There’s little to distinguish it from my life.

My one life. That I am grateful for, today. I am here to write this to you. I am ten years older.

RIP to all who went to grace in London, on the 7th of July, 2005.


*The links are obsolete one layer in but all the articles are linked correctly in the body of the quoted paragraph in this post. Try them all or start with this.

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