Seasons Greetings 2014 and the year in review

By | December 31, 2014

Christmas world 2015  (clipping path included)

For those curious to know more about my year in review, I wrote it all out elsewhere but here’s a snippet:

I took the year off to explore those dreams shoved in the back of the closet or gathering dust under the bed. That’s probably one good reason for the silence. You can’t quite put into words what you’re not yet sure will manifest. Words are so concrete and tangible and some things are best left unformed, if they are germinate and grow into any thing at all.

Tumblr, a magazine, a community of 50,000 young people, a social media monster that ate my life…

The first half of the year I gathered up a hobby blog, a tumblr called prepaidafrica, that I’d started back in January 2011 as a replacement for when its last redesign made it suck lemons as a research tool. Inspired and ably assisted by my co-founder Beulah Osueke, we set out to conceptualize and build something called The Prepaid Economy.

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