Shared value simply means its human centered investment planning

By | August 19, 2012

The good news is that factoring shared value into valuations is a straightforward process. Investors simply need to ask companies the right questions. While these might vary by company or industry, the four below offer a good starting point:

1. Where will future revenue growth come from? Namely geographies, demographic groups, etc.
2. How will (new) products and services reach these (new) markets?
3. How will access to and efficiency of resources (raw materials, employee talent, etc.) be guaranteed?
4. How stable are supply chain operations across different geographies? ~ The Guardian, August 2012

Beyond the title and this snippet from The Guardian article, I’m wondering if I actually have anything further to add other than the fact that if more social impact investors asked this question, the better the chances of a new social enterprise actually growing and scaling. 

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