Pondering the original concept of Emerging Futures

By | June 6, 2010


This tag cloud was my first attempt some two and a half years ago at patterning the dots that I saw dancing in front my eyes whenever I looked up from my laptop screen to squint into the distance.  Perhaps it is true as many would say that I’ve left out the entire mainstream consumer culture of shiny, glitzy toys and cutting edge nanotechnology so beloved of geeky hearts everywhere. But come now, dear readers, are you not all guilty of the same pleasures of browsing the latest techblingporn online?

So, to give voice to the often unheard, I shall attempt to articulate my thinking around this cloud and what and why made me use the words and clustering system that you see.

What is an emerging future?

It is one which is often only as little as 3 to 5 years away, ahead of us, in teh path to the future. Its not really as linear as monochronous cultures would imagine but far rather tends to be as fuzzy as the average african’s pursuit of punctuality or indian standard time (about 90 minutes either way).  Some extrapolations of dots tend to pan out soonish and some emerge quite tangibly into interesting fields with depth in their own right. At this point, one should give thanks to CK Prahalad’s shining of the flashlight on some dark corners.

Once one has established this frame of reference,  then the consideration of the next 4 or 5 billion people on our planet is inevitable. We cannot pretend anymore that its just us here online or otherwise and continue to assess our landscapes for path development in isolation of the rest of the world.

From these axes anchoring the origin, imho, the rest of the dots you see above, tend to flow.

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