Design Globalization – A conversation in four parts (December 2006)

By | May 9, 2010
Luke Wroblewski, design strategist and thinker, invited Dirk Knemeyer, Joseph O’Sullivan and myself to participate in a four way conversation a while back. Three of the four parts are now online with the fourth and final part up by the end of the week. Here’s the topic:
A conversation about the impact of large scale global changes, outsourcing, and international design training/firms on design and designers. What do designers and design firms need to focus on and be aware of to be successful in this changing hyper-global market? Let’s discuss…

Niti Bhan
New Markets Strategist
Author, Numerous

Dirk Knemeyer
Principal, Involution Studios
Author, Numerous

Joseph O’Sullivan
Senior Design Director, Design Methods, Yahoo! Inc.

Luke Wroblewski
Principal Designer, Social Media, Yahoo! Inc.
Founder/Principal, LukeW Interface Designs
Author, Site-Seeing: A Visual Approach to Web Usability

A conversation in four parts:

Design Globalization: Part 1
Design Globalization: Part 2
Design Globalization: Part 3

Update 12/22/06 – Part 4

And naturally, a snippet to whet your interest,

Imho, we seem to be at an inflexion point – particularly those of us who have to skills to visualize and then manifest the implications of this conversation. A social networking site of some sort for designers and researchers around the world, one that is categorized into different areas of interest? The internet originally began as a way for scientists and scholars to share their research data and collaborate with other thinkers around the world. If a community of designers could be created based on everything we’ve discussed – UCD, open source sharing, brainstorming or offering a sounding board, a means to capture, collate and share the knowledge that we all bring to the table, what could be the ultimate potential of such a ‘network’?

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