Dharavi: Initial Impressions

By | December 1, 2009

Ahead of my research in ernest of unpredictable incomes at Dharavi in Mumbai this month, I am taking this week to explore and photograph the area. I’ll be uploading images in upcoming weeks to my Dharavi Flickr set.

And in the spirit of appreciating those on limited incomes I have opted to take the train to and from the research site. Having visited Mumbai since childhood I have had the privledge of chauffer driven transport in the city or have opted to take taxis. The train from Grant Rd. to Dharavi costs Rs 8 return versus about Rs 300 by taxi. But I’m beginning to appreciate that this also provides a quanitifiable travel time rather than the unpredicatble traffic jams one gets stuck in by car – an important factor if you need to arrive at your destination in a timely manner. Plus for an extra Rs 1 I can indulge in having my fortune told and weight measured by the ubiquitous slot machines at Indian railway stations!

Image: Dharavi youth with 44 gallon drums which are recycled locally for national and global corporates.

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