Where are we now?

By | April 12, 2009
Design Factory, TKK, Helsinki Finland April 6th 2009

We've been busy the last couple of weeks primarily preparing for the critical phase of this project – the user research analysis and concept design workshop – and also my relocation to Helsinki for the rest of the year. In a few days, team members will gather here to comb through all the photographs from field work in rural India and the Philippines as well as the information collected by observation and conversation.

As mentioned before, our friend John Lumbe in Blantyre, Malawi has also done some documentation of how those on irregular incomes manage their daily expenses, emergencies and other major expenses. I'll try to share some of his photographs and stories.  I've been immersed in all the information coming in from two continents and three countries and the early patterns are just beginning to form. Lets see what we come up with over the coming week.

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