Migrating back to the village

By | January 22, 2009


Master craftsman, Dasktkar Ranthambhore, India January 1st 2009

I used to work in Jaipur but recently came back to my home village because its cheaper, my Rupee stretches further. Yes, I was very lucky to get this job in my profession, I am being paid less in Rupee amounts than I had been making in the big city of Jaipur but I'm saving a lot more here at home because everything costs less.

If more of us could find jobs in our own professions back home in our villages, I know so many who would return at once. Our women complain of the lack of freedom and safety in the city, the lack of open spaces that they are accustomed to in village life. There is no sense of community, you don't know who your neighbours are and where they come from. There is no social network that can be trusted the way we have here in the village.

But what can we do? Our men must find work.

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