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An Introduction to Human Centered Design for Policy Makers in International Development

I’m making available the article based on our work with the Dutch government a couple of years ago. Download PDF

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The need for human agency: Is the middleman always a monster?

Mobile phone charging receipt, Kenya  Photo credit: Niti Bhan The unfair demonisation of the middleman is apparent in this recent article on solar power products for the low income market in Africa. “Putting African ‘power pimps’ out of business” is the headline and the rest of the text goes downhill from there: It’s hard to […]

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Food security: time to think of the small scale farmers

This article was written by David Indeje (@DavidBurudi) and was first put on the internet on West FM. It has been republished here with his kind permission. Agriculture is the essence of life, but it seems leaders are not getting the idea as farmers continue to experience the effects of climate change and in their […]

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Will “Grown in Africa” become tomorrow’s equivalent of “Made in China” ?

PhotoCredit: Niti Bhan Kenya 2012 Even as experts and specialists split hairs in their current debate over Africa’s rise, one has begun to see some weak signals of  the economic potential of private agribusinesses on the continent’s economy. Granted that the emphasis on agriculture itself by a variety of organizations is not insignificant, particularly in […]

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Reframing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as a human centered design challenge

The tangible manifestation of the concept of turning government’s calls to action for public private partnerships in development was crafted by Jeroen Meijer of JAM Visualdenken and expertise on sustainable agricultural value chains provided by Bart Doorneweert of LEI, Wageningen. The design challenges, as we called them, reframed the problem statement in the form a […]

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Interim project report: User centered Agricultural value chain development

My colleague and project leader for the current work in The Netherlands,  Bart Doorneweert has just published an excellent analysis of our workshop on user centered design for a multi stakeholder group invited by the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Foreign Affairs. Here’s a snippet: Insights on the multi-stakeholder working processWhen the break-out groups re-convened […]

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