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On sunsets

One of the things that has always captured my attention is a particularly striking sunset. Over decades and continents and countries and cities, I have reached out to capture the magic of the colours that I can see in the sky, no matter how crude my own attempts seem to be. It didn’t matter if […]

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Photography: Still Life in a Kitchen

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Mobiles at the Border Post: Anti-Atlas of Borders Exhibition Slides (Jan 2016)

In January 2016, our submission for the Anti-Atlas of Borders Art Exhibition in Brussels was accepted for a commission of 500e. We were thrilled and surprised since we’d never imagined our work on mobile platforms, technology, and the borderland biashara could be considered from the arts and culture point of view. Here is our story […]

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On Seeing

Michael Bierut writes a paean to the power of observation in his introduction to the new print run of George Nelson’s How to See. His concluding words resonated deeply: The unifying theme behind all of Nelson’s lectures – and, indeed, behind his life’s work – was a simple, and optimistic one: by seeing more clearly, […]

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Innovation, Ingenuity and Opportunity under Conditions of Scarcity (Download PDF)

In July 2009, I was inspired by working in the Research wing of the Aalto University’s Design Factory in Espoo, Finland, to launch a group blog called REculture: Exploring the post-consumption economy of repair, reuse, repurpose and recycle by informal businesses at the Base of the Pyramid*. Within a year, this research interest evolved into […]

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Bedrock of trade

A general merchant in Karatina market, Kenya. Photo credit: Niti Bhan

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tank man

I can’t find anything online and I didn’t get a chance to get a closeup of the board over there so I have no idea who the artist is. But apparently this is the lifelike statue of the man who stood down a tank in Tiananmen Square. Can’t you feel him drawing in the power […]

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Still green

At the bus stop, rural Holland, August 2013 This post was written by niti bhan and rss originates from www.nitibhan.com

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