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Why have I been getting so grumpy about well meaning social enterprise?

By | September 3, 2012

Yesterday’s post deconstructing The Economist article on the promise of solar lighting for the millions of poor living without electricity made me question my strongly worded response. Another recent one is from well meaning Guardian, whose first of the 15 innovations they claim will change lives in Africa is the now forgotten Hippo Roller. Even… Read More »

Deconstructing the solar lighting market hype

By | September 2, 2012

Nairobi solar lantern shop, July 12th 2012 The Economist’s Q3 2012 Technology Quarterly has a paean on the promise of solar lanterns replacing nasty, stinky kerosene once and for all. Of note is the careful mention of MKopa, a Nairobi based startup founded by Nick Hughes of MPesa fame, until now conducting pilot tests in… Read More »

Where are the appliances designed to be used with renewable energy sources?

By | December 31, 2011

LPG powered fridge for sale in Eastern Cape, South Africa Almost 2 years ago in early 2010 I wrote about the opportunities for disruptive innovation in the emerging markets of the then developing world. One of the 5 case studies was that of the following concept: Re-imagined household appliancesRefrigerators have come to the forefront of… Read More »