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Rwanda launches cashless public transport payments – Will they succeed where Google failed in Kenya?

Public transport is going cashless in Kigali, Rwanda, with smart card payments and mobile money schemes being launched simultaneously with much fanfare. Can Kigali succeed where regional giant Kenya failed a couple of years ago? Nairobi’s attempt to impose cashless payment technologies in public transport (particularly the matatus, ubiquitous white mini buses that ply the […]

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Service design for the prepaid economy: Continuing the case of Google’s Bebapay in Nairobi

The previous post on the sluggish adoption of Google’s BebaPay, a cashless prepaid card introduced in Nairobi as a payment mechanism for public transportation, had me pondering the challenge of designing services for the informal sector. There are two main challenges that I see here, which don’t seem to have been taken into consideration during […]

Posted in African Consumer Market, Alternative currency, Analysis, Business Models, Cashless transactions, Design, Ecosystem, Flexibility, Informal & Flexible, Mobile platform, Perspective, Prepaid Economy & Informal Sector, Strategy | Also tagged , , , | 2 Responses

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