Why Connect with Me?

Connect with Niti Bhan on Twitter or email at firstname.lastname @ aalto dot fi (ORCID 0000-0002-6545-7453)

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An experienced social design practitioner, I am now pursuing doctoral study to explore design’s capacities and skills for accelerating entrepreneurs’ innovation capacity to transform existing practices in response to socio-environmental changes. The following briefly introduces my dissertation research and completed project with datasets.

  • Transdisciplinary social design approaches for facilitating collaborative sensemaking among entrepreneurs to foster agency and capacity for adaptation and transformation of livelihoods in a resilient and sustainable manner to socio-environmental changes and related shocks.
  • Project completed in 2020-21 with 50 sole traders (46 women) in Kenya’s urban food system using innovative remote facilitation methodology. Empirical outcomes may contribute to developing framework for gender inclusive approach to creating safe spaces for societal discussion, collaborative sensemaking of ongoing changes, and thus enhancing resilience through fostering agency and capacity to respond innovatively.
  • Pursuing funding for comparative study in rural Finland with farmers, foresters, fishers, hunters, and others who pursue livelihoods outside the formal structures of an urban, industrialized economy.

Lets collaborate to explore building bridges that connect creativity to agency for sustainable transformations.