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Informal Community Boundary Spanners Build Knowledge Bridges to the World at Large

Now that I know what I am looking for, after the two rounds of data analysis focusing on the links between the training experience and the real world unassisted experience of the facilitators, and the kinds of beneficial outcomes experienced by the participants, some effects of which were explicated by participants reflecting more than a […]

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Lost and Found: The Music of my Keyboard

I have been super productive over the past week and I can only point to the creative rush of energy that fieldwork with team members as sounding board can provide. What struck me however was the fact that while I cannot deny the music of my keyboard has returned, I must admit that it is […]

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Fieldwork after three years #taiketukee

Sitting here at the end of Day 1, Fieldwork on the local culture of coastal Ostrobothnia in Finland, the oldest settled part of the country and where the language and cultural minority of Finland, the country – only 5.2% of the total population, the Swedish-Finnish community, is in the majority. We drove down from Espoo. […]

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From the Exploratory Musing Dept: What might be social design’s role in the SDGs in the Nordics?

The scope and range for the object of design being the “social” (Koskinen, 2016) in the social welfare states of the Nordics, and I use the happiest one as my base of reference, is vast, varied, and immense. Rich and deep opportunities for practice based learning, research, and interdisciplinary development methodologies. By refining one’s focus […]

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Is it engineering or design?

Looking back at the last year, since I began writing again on the blog looking for the magic of my keyboard, I can see how far I have shifted my perspective – one of the goals for the initiating the introspection. Just over a year ago, I was lamenting intangible losses – vocabulary, for example […]

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Linking Recognition to Resilience: Cognitive Justice and the Informal Economy

Soon enough, at some point this year, I’ll have to take a decision about whether to situate my vegetable vendors and informal traders as ‘livelihood’ actors, ekeing out a living by the side of the road, or continue bypassing the literature of poverty as I strive to reinforce their status and role as professional traders […]

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Reflections on my doctoral study: A midpoint review

Earlier this week, I submitted reports and work plans to the doctoral committee, a compulsory requirement – it is a Go/No Go stage where one’s progress on the journey to the PhD is evaluated from the perspective of viability and feasibility of my candidacy, as it stands now. If asked to prepare this work plan […]

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One year of looking for the magic

As I look back over the past one year since I picked up the threads of looking for the long lost rhythm of my music, best described as the sound of my fingers on this keyboard, I am moved to reflect on all the changes – great and small – that have taken place, in […]

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