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What is social design?

Social design is an emerging stream of design that is still finding its space and boundaries (Chen et al., 2016; Koskinen, 2016; Markussen, 2017). Markussen (2017) argues against Manzini’s (2015) depiction of the ‘social’ in social design implying that it only applies to situations where people are poor or marginalized or recovering from a natural […]

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The 5D’s of BoP Marketing: Touchpoints for a holistic, human-centered strategy

Original version published January 2009 in Core77 – as you will note, it requires an overhaul of the details to make it more robust against the passage of time Progress in the social mobile field will come only when we think more about best practices in the thinking and design of mobile projects and applications, […]

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Time to update the 5D’s framework for inclusive business design after 12 years

Two things have happened since I first published The 5D’s of BoP Marketing: Touchpoints for a holistic, human-centered strategy in Core77 back in January 2009. One, Core77 overhauled their site design and broke my article rather badly. Its layout and formatting makes it virtually incomprehensible. On the other hand, the 5Ds framework has apparently held […]

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Learning to think about the process instead of the outcome

As a practitioner of long standing, I have been accustomed to emphasizing the focus of my analysis and synthesis on the content generated by my application of the design methods and process rather than on the process and tools themselves beyond the adaptation to better fit for purpose in relatively more complex and challenging contexts […]

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“The craftsman not only owns the creation but owns the entire process”

The title is a mild adaptation from Samim’s blogpost. Which, in turn, is a snippet taken from a tweet. We pass our words around the world when they capture our imagination. This is the beauty of the interwebz we mustn’t forget whilst navigating the messes made in recent years through the proliferation of profit seeking […]

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Preparing the ground for the next steps

I’ve been working on a paper, as I’m sure any regular readers still left after all my literature reviews, would have noted. And the meat of it is written out, it will just require more writing and rewriting to get it into shape. For the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve found myself slipping […]

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Resilience of informal urban food systems: Does a systems thinking approach make a difference?

Sterk, van de Leemput, and Peeters (2017) help me start off this sensemaking exercise by clearly distinguishing the difference between engineering resilience and ecological resilience with respect to a system. This was useful to establish the direction of exploration for informal urban food systems. Specifically, Sterk et al (2017) state that ‘engineering’ resilience  focuses on […]

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On the other hand

Enough time has passed that I must remind myself not to forget to continue my search for magic in the rhythm of my word craft, nor the music of the keyboard. On one hand, I cannot deny that writing and thinking deeply and analytically have begun to flow easily in a manner that I have […]

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Contextualizing design of remote interventions for local food systems resilience strategies in literature

I began my academic explorations on this blog a couple of months ago with a post on the power of sensemaking to transform the context and frame of reference, and thus provide a means for empowering one to make decisions for a decidedly unknown near future, where increased uncertainty and volatility have become the norm. […]

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Situating sensemaking in the process of innovation

“the bottom-line goal of Sense-Making from its inception has been to find out what users – audiences, customers, patrons, employees – ‘really’ think, feel, want, dream” (Dervin, 1998) Morente & Ferràs (2018) paper, based on the practical and theoretical contributions of Brenda Dervin’s Sense-Making Theory (2015), provided me with this quoted reference that set me […]

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