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“Life is Hard” – Original slides with written speech, BxD 2008

This is more or less the written version of my Life is Hard presentation (slides,video, reference) as first given in October 2008 in Providence, Rhode Island at the Better World by Design conference held at Brown University. Some of the details have become more nuanced since then, some parts have spun off into blogs, projects, […]

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Designers as Leaders, by Richard Farson

Design is one of the few professions dominated by its clientele. Compared to physicians, attorneys, and academics, designers are inclined to do what they’re told. That posture is so widely accepted among designers it sometimes seems that the only ones who can occasionally insist on having things their way are the superstars of design. Of […]

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But why aren’t they buying my fantastic life saving product?

An all too common a question blurted out in frustration by well intentioned social enterprises attempting to crack the code of the informal economy at the base of the pyramid, usually ending with the rejoinder “when they can spend double the amount on a phone!” So why aren’t people sensibly rushing out with their hard […]

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Using Ethnographic Research To Learn About Life at the BoP

The expected deliverable of the iBoP Asia grant project is that we create a new payment strategy or business model for purchasing a shared resource within a Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) community. Recognizing that no member of our research team has grown up in a community considered to be at the BoP, we can’t […]

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Niti Bhan’s Talks and Articles

    TEDGlobal 2017, Arusha, Tanzania The Hidden Opportunities in the Informal Economy     Lecture on Technology and Inequality, BankInter Foundation, Madrid, Spain, November 2016 Transcript     Future Trends Forum, BankInter Foundation, Spain, June 2016     African Development Bank Innovation Weekend, Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire, October 2015   How Africa is Challenging Marketing […]

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The Informal Industrial Ecosystem: An Introduction to REculture

This article introduces and explains some things I’ve been seeing in the informal industrial ecosystem in the developing world context for almost a decade now. First noticed in 2009, I then named it REculture, a neologism to capture the vast and complex ecosystem I saw in the revenue generating facility of recycle, replace, repurpose, reuse […]

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Samsung took its commitment to the African market very seriously

This article in the Financial Times caught my attention first for it’s mention of Samsung’s seemingly innovative adaptation to the harsh operating environment prevalent across the African continent. It reminded me of the very first exploratory user research programme I had been part of, for Samsung, back in early 2008. That was a seminal trip […]

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Minimizing risk: buyer behaviour among the BoP confirmed by Nielson

The South African Shopper Trends report by Nielson highlights some aspects of the township customer’s mindset and buyer behaviour, as demonstrated by the following snippet from this analysis: How we make purchasing decisions We make decisions based on what other people say, as well as how we experience a product. There is a major fear […]

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Pondering the possibilities

Iloilo Province, The Phillipines, 21st February 2009 I'm back online after my sojourn in rural Iloilo province and still digesting the whole experience of being immersed in BoP/rural life for (me) such an extended period. As impressions and images are still juggling into place, few insights emerge at this time other than an overall sense […]

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The 5D’s of BoP Marketing: Touchpoints for a holistic, human-centered strategy

Original version published January 2009 in Core77 – as you will note, it requires an overhaul of the details to make it more robust against the passage of time Progress in the social mobile field will come only when we think more about best practices in the thinking and design of mobile projects and applications, […]

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