By | July 31, 2021

Reflecting on the unseen changes that have been taking place over the past month, the best way I can explain it, even to myself, is to use the analogy of rocks on a river bed (or pebbles in a stream, if you prefer).

There’s been a re-alignment that has taken place at a much deeper level than the surface of my thoughts. Its as though the rocks and stones on the stream bed have been repositioned and realigned for optimizing the flow of water at the deepest level. That is, the difference made to the flow is not necessary on a surface level but underneath, in the foundation layers.

The water flows now more smoothly and churns up less mud. Less garbage is trapped, creating blockages or stagnant pools and eddies. If I were a silted harbour or a river mouth, I’d feel dredged.

Unlike the natural beauty of sound and sight created by rocks and stones in the path of rushing water, within ourselves such obstacles are a source of discordance. Re-alignment unlocks trapped energies and capacities long gone unnoticed. So much more begins to flow. Simply changing things on the surface won’t do, its the bed that needed the work.

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