Dear Jony, we need to talk.

About your design sensibilities, that is…

This past week, the few opportunities that I’ve had to actually get online or use a computer, have all been on this very beautiful (the CMF oooh la la!) Mac of some sort. Its a tiny box, a slim keyboard that still works for an old touch typist and the mouse matches. Very well done.

Now, about the usability issues, the engineering conventions regarding electrical appliances and the insistent correction of my spelling, I’ve reached the point after 3 tries where I simply must speak up out loud.

Devices which require two batteries in order to be utilized have followed a certain convention, so why do I have to put both the AA batteries in this Apple logofied mouse standing up in the same direction? Everywhere else, if the batteries are inserted in parallel, not in series, one puts the head up one way and the other battery is reversed. I had to fix this mouse in order to use it because the original owner simply assumed she had bad batteries thus the cursor problems.

Like, WTF dude? ‘
Yeah, they do look prettier that way when the gold ends match up so nicely like toast soldiers with your boiled egg. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, what’s the deal with the insistent spelling corrections – they are like an OCD grammar nazi. 
The need to control the entire ecosystem in order to ensure the appropriate end user experience is not an argument that any one would debate with you all out there in Apple Design land but the system is ultimately one that is a tool provided for the end user to create or craft a deliverable. 
Who chooses the colour, materials or finnish for that?
er… Happy happy etc
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