The iBoP Asia Project Small Grants program

By | January 19, 2009


The Ateneo School of Government, with the International Development Research Centre, is implementing a project entitled Science and Technology Innovations for the Base of the Pyramid in Southeast Asia.

By building partnerships with and among research councils, government agencies, business institutions, and other relevant organizations in the region, the Project aims to create and promote an environment that will encourage science and technology (S&T) innovations that respond to the development needs of the marginalized base of the
pyramid (BoP) sector in the region.

The overall objective of the iBoP Asia project is to foster S&T innovations that can effectively address the development needs of the poor and excluded in the region. Ultimately, the effort should contribute towards affordable solutions in areas that address the unmet needs, increase productivity and incomes, while at the same time facilitating the BoP’s participation in wider economic systems.

The iBoP Small Grants Program was launched to provide the necessary funds for researchers in Southeast Asia to bring forth their innovative research ideas, and help create S&T-based solutions to the development needs/problems of the BoP.

Emerging Futures Lab project “Payment strategies for those on irregular incomes at the BoP” was  selected as grantee for 2008. The grant requires the documentation of the exploratory user research conducted in the field – rural India and the Philipines under this specific grant proposal – online via blogs, articles, photographs and videos.