Mrs Adeyemi discusses preferred dressmakers and fabrics.
First and foremost for me to like my tailor, to be familiar with whoever sews for me, first of all it must be somebody who is respectful.

Who when he sees his or her customer is ‘Oh, how are you, welcome’, you know, welcomes you; and when you even get there you feel happy, that ‘Oh this is the kind of person I want to sew for me’.

Mrs Taiwo on her favourite seamstress and what goes into a smart formal outfit.
Lara is a wife of a cousin of ours. She apprenticed to her own cousin. But she seems to be much more better than the so-called cousin. Lara will never disappoint you. You know some sewing mistresses will say 'Come tomorrow for your cloth.' You will get there, you will not even get the clothes till about a months time. So she doesn’t disappoint; her human relations is very good; and very very respectful.

Urowoli Ladipo talks about fashion choices and traditional bridal attire.
I wear both ready made clothes and hand made clothes. I wear ready made clothes especially when I’m going to work. Maybe I just want something different. Or my jeans and top, those are ready made. And I wear hand made clothes especially for church or parties.