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Inherent conflicts discovered in a moment of stillness during a process

My title is a word salad. I can sense and feel and perceive what I mean but cannot yet grasp it. Finding the words to be sung by thinking and writing. Since March, I’ve been documenting my intention and then process of making significant changes to my inner vision – call it a mental model, […]

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To see the forest for the trees

Last night, Samim said something on skype that has completely changed my perspective and focal length. He pointed out that ‘the system’ is vast and beyond our comprehension. That it is nature who runs the planet. Life on earth is a complex and complicated interdependent dance of balance and harmony. And, we, humans, are simply […]

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Reflections on adopting new thinking tools and approaches

About a month ago, I committed to a disruptive change in my approach and process for development of an outcome. It has been difficult to change one’s habitual ways of thinking and doing. I had to write down the new rules of engagement in order to keep referring to them as a means to keep […]

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New Moon


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Going back to first principles

It seems to me, when I finally do get the space and bandwith to step aside from academic reading and writing, to reflect upon the magic of the Kalevala, as I began to do, only a few short months ago, that the real message in Kaleva’s songs, is the power inherent in going back to […]

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“The craftsman not only owns the creation but owns the entire process”

The title is a mild adaptation from Samim’s blogpost. Which, in turn, is a snippet taken from a tweet. We pass our words around the world when they capture our imagination. This is the beauty of the interwebz we mustn’t forget whilst navigating the messes made in recent years through the proliferation of profit seeking […]

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Preparing the ground for the next steps

I’ve been working on a paper, as I’m sure any regular readers still left after all my literature reviews, would have noted. And the meat of it is written out, it will just require more writing and rewriting to get it into shape. For the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve found myself slipping […]

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On the other hand

Enough time has passed that I must remind myself not to forget to continue my search for magic in the rhythm of my word craft, nor the music of the keyboard. On one hand, I cannot deny that writing and thinking deeply and analytically have begun to flow easily in a manner that I have […]

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A change of pace to break up a pattern

In the midst of data analysis and writing up results focused on one of the key insights emerging from the masses of information hidden within the remote resilience project’s datasets means making a change of pace from the rather frantic reading and writing I’d been lately doing. I’ve discovered, via experimentation, that the two are […]

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Literature as Waymarkers: A New Series of Shorter Posts

Yesterday’s post was almost 2000 words long, I might as well just send it off to a journal. To find a compromise between the facilitation of thinking and writing that blogging offers me, and an optimal length of writing and extracting content references, I’m exploring a new approach. It fits where I’m at now in […]

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