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Lost and Found: The Music of my Keyboard

I have been super productive over the past week and I can only point to the creative rush of energy that fieldwork with team members as sounding board can provide. What struck me however was the fact that while I cannot deny the music of my keyboard has returned, I must admit that it is […]

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Is it engineering or design?

Looking back at the last year, since I began writing again on the blog looking for the magic of my keyboard, I can see how far I have shifted my perspective – one of the goals for the initiating the introspection. Just over a year ago, I was lamenting intangible losses – vocabulary, for example […]

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One year of looking for the magic

As I look back over the past one year since I picked up the threads of looking for the long lost rhythm of my music, best described as the sound of my fingers on this keyboard, I am moved to reflect on all the changes – great and small – that have taken place, in […]

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On uncertainty…

One more thing I wanted to make note of, continuing the thinking of the previous post, is regarding uncertainty and its attendant cost as a stressor. Just like there’s no sense of the ambiguity that has always accompanied dancing in between the past and the future, there is, at the moment, none of the burdens […]

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Ruminating on the rhythm of the keyboard

Long promised, to myself, that I would pick up the habit of looking for the music in my keyboard, I am finally at the place where I can do so. The silence, this time around, was not the emptiness of the past decade where the blog would go untouched for weeks and months without attention. […]

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Regular programming to resume

The semester ends next week. I want to go back to regular blogging which I’d begun in earnest back in March 2021. I am very pleased with my courses. We made that vacuum cleaner nozzle as part of an intensive doctoral level programme on 3D printing and circular economy concepts. Our partner for the project […]

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This is my song

It is too early to say whether the journey I began in March to look for my word song and the magic I’d thought I’d found when I read the Kalevala has categorically been a success. I am not yet settled into the word song I’ve been hearing in my mind’s eye. I had already […]

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Disrupting oneself

Disrupting oneself deliberately can often be the hardest thing to do. One takes a cold, hard look at where one is at and says, this needs to change. It takes courage. And, a willingness to let go of comfortable routines and established achievements. When you are at the top of your game, it can be […]

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On Reflection

The new semester’s classes start tomorrow. My first reading assignment has already landed metaphorically on my desk. The two articles to be read are on reflection, reflective writing, and what does this mean in practice. I was intimidated by them – did I know how to reflect in writing? would I be able to grasp […]

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A change of perspective and a whole new set of metaphors (Czarniawska, 2008)

“…each excursion into another field of knowledge brings with it things that were embedded in a different type of soil, and it is inevitable that particles of that soil are still clinging to the roots, practically invisible to the new owner. Additionally, a re-embedding into the new soil could produce deviations and hybrids that are […]

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