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Tilting at windmills – inevitably renewable

Windmills, Holland October 1st, 2012 Why was it so hard for people to massively change energy infrastructure? There are parts of the world where as little as 10% of the population has access to energy. Innovative solutions and business models can be tested very easily. The latest we hear is MKopa from Kenya, attempting to […]

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“Kadogo” kerosene vs “Lumpsum” LPG: Trade-offs and cost/benefit analysis

Following a fascinating conversation with @bankelele and @majiwater on Twitter regarding the cost of kerosene, pay as you go models and relative benefits of each, I’ve been inspired to write this post exploring the topic further. Before I proceed, I’d like to take a moment to clarify what the “Prepaid” in the title of this […]

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The hidden digital divide: Energy consumption and infrastructure

Photocredit: Niti Bhan, Maua, Kenya Feb 2012 This is an ironbox. It is heated by placing glowing embers of charcoal inside and securing the lid. When hot, it is used to iron clothes. Variations of this design can be seen in use across India’s urban centers where the isteriwallah plies his trade, ironing clothes for […]

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Going solar as mainstream consumer choice

This shelf of alternate power supply equipment displayed in a Nairobi department store caught my eye.  It was in the consumer product section along with fridges, washing machines, TVs and a host of small appliances.  It was the first time I’d seen such a wide variety – batteries, solar panels, lamps – so casually displayed […]

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