The Farmer’s Perspective: Bridging the Last Mile to Market

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contribute to PPPs with the intent of proliferating sustainable agricultural practices with farmers in developing countries, thus promoting sustainable and equitable growth. In search for opportunities to enhance the scale and spread of such practices, we were requested by both Ministries to conduct this current inquiry on adoption of information and technology services with farmers in their rural communities.

We have looked at this subject through the lens of human-centred design (HCD), applying it both as a research method, as well as a prospective holistic innovation process, by which the values of technology and business could be integrated to best meet the needs and aspirations of the end user, the farmer.

The current research on the farmers’ perspective is the second, and follow-up project to an earlier inquiry into the workings of PPP’s and how they address, and meet the needs of the farmer, which was conducted in 2012. Reports available on request.

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