Strategies for Rural and Informal Markets

We identify opportunity spaces and define new products and services that can add value and enhance lives, not simply plug the gaps of unmet needs. Needs and wants are so many that every decision to spend money is a trade off on the risks of a return of maximum value.

How and where can we offer a product or service that either saves precious time or money?

While trust in a brand or product is not something that can be developed overnight, the foundations for its growth can be laid by understanding those whom you wish to serve.

Living under uncertain conditions and on unpredictable incomes means that people seek to minimize the chaos of those factors they can control - the products they choose to buy, the programs they involve themselves in, the services they intend to use.

Most often, in the untapped markets of the developing world, understanding begins by immersion in the daily life of your intended customers.

Exploratory user research is a broad focused approach to capturing and identifying the opportunities where innovative products, services and business models can make a sustainable difference.

Successful innovations are those that resonate with the values and worldview of the end users. They are relevant and appropriate and fit within the context and constraints of their operating environment.

It is from this point forward that we begin conceptualization of solutions and planning strategies that bridge the gap between the formal and the informal economies.

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