Fintech Projects: A Business Productivity Tool embedded in a Marketplace App

For a Finnish startup, we designed a business productivity tool embedded in a marketplace app

The Problem: Traders in the informal markets were dependent on handwritten sales logs, and their own memory to track inventory and sales data, often bypassing the effort to calculate their cash flow patterns and profitability. At the same time, there were no easy to use solutions available for both featurephones and smartphones designed to meet the needs of their cash intensive trading activities.

Our research and analysis for concept development utilized our years of experienced insights as well as design ethnography among the selected target audience.

Our Solution: By integrating their daily communication with suppliers and customers into a marketplace with displays of new and available inventory, we designed a solution to improve their financial efficiency and productivity without having to labouriously input their daily sales data into the system.

Our concept design included different levels of data analysis and reports including forecasting inventory supplies, and patterns of seasonality over a duration of time to better improve planning of investments and thus, cash needs. The system was designed to integrate with local mobile money solutions.

We delivered wireframes and high level information architecture in addition to an exhaustive report on consumer pain points and design drivers for features.

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