University and Councils Network for Inclusive Development in Southeast Asia (UNIID-SEA)

Understanding the Rural Economy to Create Successful Ventures (2013)
Pathways Out of Poverty: Innovating with the BoP in Southeast Asia (2012)
Source: iBoP Asia;Date Published: July 2012  Download Book

Opportunities in Digital Africa 2011
Article series for Involution Studios, Boston

Africa: The Next Frontier
From OLPC to VC: Africa leapfrogs the digital divide
Challenges present opportunities: innovation in Africa
Mobile in Africa: from SMS to Android
Software in Africa: More, better, different
Investing in Africa: Challenges and constraints


Systems Thinking Applied To Why M-Pesa’s Economic Impact and Wealth Creation Lessons Affects the Ecosystem and Not Just the Bottom of the Pyramid
Looking Forward: Where Next Generation Innovation is Coming From
Africa: Opportunity Waits


The Digital Life is an online radio show that explores important, timely topics in the world of digital design and technology. Created by Involution Studios, a top software design agency whose clients include Apple, Microsoft and Oracle.

episode 23
April 26th, 2011

Technology and Emerging Markets. Special Guests Joshua Kauffman and Niti Bhan. Bull Session and It’s News to Me.


Life is Hard – A Better World by Design conference 2008 (21 mins)
More or Less: The Fundamental Principle of Flexibility” – Informal Economy Symposium 2012 (15 mins)

More From Niti Bhan’s library:-

Core77Design magazine and resource

Emerging Markets as a Source of Disruptive Innovation: 5 Case Studies – February 2010
The 5D’s of BoP Marketing: Touchpoints for a holistic, human-centered strategy – January 2009
Design for the Next Billion Customers (with Dave Tait) – April 2008
Ecodesign, Ecolabels and the Environment: How Europe is redesigning our footprint on earth – August 2007
Putting the “Desi” in Design: Why Indian designers are uniquely equipped for emerging markets – February 2006
Shopping for Innovation: Hiring a design firm – A primer (with Steve Portigal) – November 2005
Seismic Shift: Rethinking the Design Industry – April 2005
While you were out: changes in the global design industry – December 2004
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AIGA Gain Journal of Business & Design, ICOGRADA, AGDA and

Lessons from Walmart: 5 common mistakes when brands cross borders (with Manuel Toscano) – Late 2006
PDF version from

NextBillion.netDevelopment through Enterprise

Guest Author ~ view all articles here

BusinessWeekbusiness magazine

India, A New Frontier For Innovation And Design – speech draft for CII/NID Design Summit – November, 2006 (republished by Bruce Nussbaum on Design)
Brand Magic in India (with Brad Nemer) – May 2006
A Competitive Nation, by Design – December 2005

New Design Magazine, UK (print publication)

From Top to Bottom (with Dave Tait) – February 2008 (Emerging Markets special issue)
Changing Times (PDF partial) – 2006 (commissioned for fee) courtesy the Daily Dump

Effective Executive, India (print)

The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid Begins with Understanding : Targeting the BoP Customer (PDF)


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