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Building the Bridge: Design methods for success in the informal economy

The above is a screen cap of my research plan submitted at the end of March 2019 as part of the doctoral admissions process. Everyone understands its only a working title for a yet to be defined problem statement, which is the purpose of doctoral studies as I see it from the user’s perspective. Both the title and the content are expected to evolve and change as one proceeds with research.

Right now, as I work on my application for a personal working grant so that I can focus on studies fulltime, I am playing around with the title you see as the title of this post: Building the Bridge: Design methods for success in the informal economy

Its self descriptive, provides a hint of the primary discipline, implies the merger of design methods in the business context, and provides all kinds of clues on what the academic verbiage of the doctoral research plan might mean in terms of scope and focus.

However, it too is a work in progress…

I have been granted right to study at Doctoral level by Aalto University School of Engineering

That is a friend’s restored vintage Porsche I’m standing in front of, on the day I heard about my admission to the PhD programme in Aalto University. I’m officially admitted to the department of mechanical engineering, or konetekniikka as its known in suomi.

In the Finnish system, I was admitted as an enrolled student as soon as I signed my acceptance form and I have already received my email address, log in details, and student number. I can, if I want, start taking classes in the summer programme but I will wait until the Fall to begin. I want to take this summer off and enjoy the liminal space between running a business for 12 years, and fulltime studenthood.

Right now, I’m running around figuring out the Finnish financial aid system for living expenses while doing fulltime research. The tuition itself is free, and, as a permanent resident I do get a small amount from social security as well as a fulltime student. I’ll write about that once I get through this week’s deadlines.

I’ll collate all my blogging on this topic of going back to school in your early fifties under the category Education, with the tag PhD.