Emerging Fashion Brand: Ayoola Adedokun
Ah well I started tailoring years back after secondary school; I was just trying to keep myself busy so I started doing it. And then I was doing it and I was schooling at the same time. I went to Polytechnic Ibadan for my ND, after my ND I went to Leeds City University here in Nigeria for my BSc. I was in the ushering department in Church then so whenever we want to wear a particular cloth I made their shirts. That’s how I started making money and it was interesting. So after school I was looking for a job. I never believed this is what I would do for a living eventually!

I’m not there yet, like when you mention my brand name and everybody can recognise. Like when you mention a TM Lewin shirt, everybody knows a TM Lewin shirt is not made in Nigeria and that’s what everybody wants to wear. If you mention my name now people that don’t know me will be, I would rather buy TM Lewin. And the government is not encouraging our industries.

I’m excited when I see people wearing my handwork. If I could see like twenty, fifteen wearing my brand at the same time it’s encouraging.

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