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Intangible losses

Loss of vocabulary; loss of words and language; loss of what seems like the formerly relied upon ability to rapidly retrieve information from the treasure trove of a voracious reader’s mind – all of these micro-losses, and more I’m sure I’ll discover – I am chalking up as the result of saturating myself in the […]

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Prismatic chroma

Seen side by side like this, one can compare phases of the design process one experiences against the articulation of the need for coherence and clarity from one’s mind’s eye. As someone who has long been immersed in the complicated confusions that characterise the earliest stages of the design process – for so long as […]

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Or, why I need three different pairs of spectacles and simply trifocals won’t do

As my writing out of my thinking progresses, I am coming up against the natural barrier of things I do not want to unpack on the blog. On one hand, this is a good thing because it informs me my blog is serving the function it used to serve back in the day. On the […]

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On sunsets

One of the things that has always captured my attention is a particularly striking sunset. Over decades and continents and countries and cities, I have reached out to capture the magic of the colours that I can see in the sky, no matter how crude my own attempts seem to be. It didn’t matter if […]

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I will walk in the sunshine and muse upon thy life and thoughts

Last night, on reaching the end of writing this post, I felt myself full of anticipation – burgeoning with words yet to be written. This morning, as I sit here staring at the blank screen, the only thoughts that come to me is how indignantly angry I’ve been in recent years. I was browsing through […]

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Dusha naraspashku, in all sincerity

The way sometimes one thing leads to another and before you know it you’re down a deep dark rabbit hole of discovery is how I stumbled across the Russian phrase dusha naraspashku. Linguist Anna Wierzbicka, considered the world’s foremost expert on the links between language and culture, interprets it as “unbuttoned soul” in English, and […]

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“Hic sunt dracones” on the mind map

At this point, I cannot say how long I will continue to navel gaze whilst searching for the music of my words. I can already sense other thoughts lapping at the edges of my thinking as I write these words focused on exploring changes in my internal navigation system. I find myself hesitating to approach […]

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Shifting gears out of ‘neutral’

How much does being comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty benefit me now, as my roots finally start growing deeper into the earth? ~ Niti Bhan, 21.03.21 When I embraced Schaetti’s concept of liminal space as the constant lived in norm for my life, more than 15 years ago, it felt like the right thing to […]

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Breaking through the bounds of performance anxiety

One of the things that the past week of reflection and remembrance has brought to fore relates to the shift and tone of the content I’ve created on this blog. Around the middle of 2011, I faced a challenge in trying to leave behind the personal voice that had so characterized my blogging in the […]

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