Shopping for Trimmings and Fancy Goods

Walking through Aleshinloye market in Ibadan
through the different sections
past the rows of generators
we reached the place that sells applique
and ribbons.
We sit and the assistant brings stuff out.
We ask for particular colours.
You match your trimming to a fabric you have already.
Trimmings for necklines, trimmings for sleeves.
Priced by size and by what's in vogue. We had a good time bargaining and joking.

We got a fair price but we didn't get a discount.
Only the offer of a bottle of water!

We went from there to the shiny modern mall.
No bargaining and everything at least 30% more expensive.
Clean, beautiful and hassle-free but sterile by comparison.
Then Lanre took us to her contacts in New Gbagi.
The traders here are mostly Moslem women.
We wanted ankara to match our trimmings. Tan and turquoise with a purple accent.

It is much more fun to shop in the market. Customers and vendors make an effort to sustain a relationship with manners, humour and consideration on both sides. A loyal customer can expect to get a good price.

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