One year of looking for the magic

By | March 14, 2022

As I look back over the past one year since I picked up the threads of looking for the long lost rhythm of my music, best described as the sound of my fingers on this keyboard, I am moved to reflect on all the changes – great and small – that have taken place, in my life. I was listening for the distant rhythm of Kaleva’s songs, after being inspired by reading the Kalevala for the first time, this week one year ago. It made me recognize how much I missed my music and how far I’d drifted from teh songs of my heart.

I discovered there was a gap between the words I thought were my songs and the music to which my soul responded to. Much of the work over these past 12 months have been reconciling these two strands – the lyrics and their rhythm – as one beat of my heart, rather than as two discordant notes, each of which were pulling me in different directions. There’s more to be said, but in the same way as I approached my return to the keyboard one year, I will give form to my words quietly and softly each morning, every day.

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