On Reflection

By | September 12, 2021

The new semester’s classes start tomorrow. My first reading assignment has already landed metaphorically on my desk. The two articles to be read are on reflection, reflective writing, and what does this mean in practice. I was intimidated by them – did I know how to reflect in writing? would I be able to grasp these new concepts? So, I was moved to come here and ponder out loud whether this what I do is the same as what is expected?

I’d been meaning to write but I’ve been writing. And I began September with an intensive short course on 3D printing and the circular economy – it deserves its own post which it shall receive in due time. Coming to the blog felt like an indulgence, dissipating the energy of thinking and writing for pure pleasure rather than husbanding it for the conference paper I’m coauthoring.

I’ve taken on a full course load this semester to make up for the last year’s disruptions. I think I’ll come here more often, if only as a way to play and keep my sanity, rather than staying away. I will have to find a way to distribute my time spent on thinking and writing to allow for time to play as well as work. I can reflect on what I’m learning. There is a new category now, under Education, called Reflections.

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