“The craftsman not only owns the creation but owns the entire process”

By | June 8, 2021

The title is a mild adaptation from Samim’s blogpost. Which, in turn, is a snippet taken from a tweet. We pass our words around the world when they capture our imagination. This is the beauty of the interwebz we mustn’t forget whilst navigating the messes made in recent years through the proliferation of profit seeking attention hijacks.

I’d once spent an entire day looking for the perfect quote on craftsmanship, only to give up empty handed. Discovering this today on Samim’s blog was an unexpected gift, and far far better than any conceptualization of craftsmanship my imagination could conceive.

The key to creative ownership lies in owning the process, not just the outcomes. It is that which empowers you with the knowledge that you can create again and again and again, and make something beautiful emerge out of nothing. That the process by which to do so is within your experienced grasp. That all it takes is to initiate the process and creation starts.

How joyful to know that the seed lies within you. You are never afraid to walk away. You do not fear your errors. You can throw it all out and start over. Owning the entire process means owning all of creation. For someone could steal your creation but they cannot steal your ownership of your process from you. Voila! infinity is in the palm of your hand.

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