A very different kind of human centered system design with highly efficient processes

By | March 24, 2013

Every profession must come face to face with the ultimate reality of the ways that their industrial training can be perfect in operational form yet perverted completely in its application.

As an Industrial and Production engineer, I studied assembly lines and efficiency. As an Industrial Designer exploring the concept of human centered design, particulary from a systems point of view, I learnt how to orient the ecosystem of device-service-revenue around the challenge of humanity’s needs. My B-school training only enhanced the strategic planning and control of processes and systems, to cater to the market’s needs.

Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, Poland

Yesterday, a glass window separated me from a display in a museum. A shrine, a penance and a memory.

There was a bolt of grayish brown cloth. And carefully displayed upon this bolt of industrial manufactured textile was the natural fibre that was the raw material.

Three plaits of hair – brown and grey and faded blonde.

Human hair. Female human hair with traces of cyanide, according to the plaque next to the display, validated by forensic scientists.

Raw material bagged and sold for 40 pfennigs per kilogram to textile manufacturers.

 I found myself screaming inside with a sudden blinding spurt of rage against mankind. 

And, as a human being, I wept.


/today, I sit in lone meditation in my room. It is my 47th birthday.

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